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Topical Pain Relief & Natural Skin Care Made with Natural Oils

Back pain, joint pain, sciatica pain and migraines: When you suffer every day, it’s easy to lose sight of almost everything else. Find natural pain relief with the California Solutions and Smooth Gator family of products. Combining CBD and essential oils for pain relief with shea butter and our proprietary blend of other natural ingredients, our products are the answer, especially if think you’ve “already tried everything.”


From arthritis and other joint pain to muscle pain, nerve pain, neuropathy and migraine headache, California Solutions and Smooth Gator products provide the natural pain relief you need. Our product lines also include natural skin care products for toenail fungus treatment and natural acne treatment. Our new line of Naturally Terpene Rich Cannibid Oil (CBD) tinctures, hemp oil capsules, topical lotions, CBD vapes, and Hemp Oil supplements are also provide incredibly effective pain relief as well as wide array other benefits!


At California Solutions, we use natural oils to create our skin products, all of which are made with FDA-registered and approved ingredients and manufactured by an FDA-approved manufacturer with “Current Good Manufacturing Practices.” Our full spectrum CBD oil is derived from locally grown, Non-GMO, organic hemp. Eliminate your concerns about toxic ingredients while eliminating your pain and other the skin concerns.

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